Practice Groups

The ROXIN Alliance remains committed to scientific inquiry and innovation in legal advisory and best practices, to ensure that our clients receive the most dynamic legal solutions while addressing white collar criminal defense and compliance challenges.

The ROXIN Alliance understands and appreciates the multitude of problems that commercial organisations face in order to remain compliant and to mitigate the consequences of misconduct, and therefore the ROXIN Alliance has established dedicated practice groups to regularly explore these contemporary issues and challenges, enabling us to provide business friendly solutions to our clients across multiple jurisdictions. This means that our members do not have to start from scratch every time they cooperate in cross-border scenarios, but can pay their full attention to where the client really needs it to be.

The ROXIN Alliance Practice Groups strive to ensure that the advice we give our clients incorporates the latest trends, judicial pronouncements, advisory opinions, advisory issued by prosecution and investigation authorities and market challenges, thereby preparing our clients against all kinds of adverse situations.

The ROXIN Alliance Practice Groups include amongst them some of the most respected academics in the field of corporate criminal law who work alongside our corporate members to bring together the best of scientific discovery and practical experience.

Our comprehensive system of Practice Groups allows our clients to be the regular recipients of up to date market information, legal insights and best practices.