Asset Recovery

Corporations and individuals that are victims of financial crimes are often faced with situations wherein stolen assets are spread across multiple jurisdictions. The proceeds of crime are layered with genuine and fictitious assets, making the task of recovering the stolen assets extremely difficult even when court orders are in effect.

The ROXIN Alliance offers professional services in international asset recovery. Our members have been called upon by individuals, corporations and governments to provide asset tracing services. We have also been in the employ of public international organisations in this regard.

We can assist our clients who have been defrauded through a wide array of counter-measures, including freezing orders, orders for disclosure and the initiation of search and seizure by law enforcement authorities alongside the bringing about of civil, administrative and criminal proceedings against the perpetrators. We also advise corporations on the other end, those which have unknowingly been the recipient of the proceeds of crime, in the regulatory action that is brought against them or is likely to be brought against them.

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