Business Crime Defence

The scale and manner in which business is conducted across borders in the 21st century has left companies inadvertently exposed to the risk of criminal misconduct across all levels of their organisation. Cases revolving around white collar crime are no longer bound by geographical borders and prosecution agencies the world over are cooperating more often than not.

The ROXIN Alliance is a network of trusted professionals who understand the sensitivities and complexities of corporate crime and are well-equipped to handle the defence of both corporations and individuals at a national as well as international level.

Through the ROXIN Alliance companies gain access to experienced legal counsel with in-depth national and local knowledge and carefully curated market insight, so that white collar crime and compliance issues can be addressed where- and whenever needed. Our members can draw upon professional working relationships with local, national and international prosecution and investigation authorities. Members closely cooperate with one another, paying close attention to each jurisdiction in order to prevent an otherwise isolated strategy from having negative repercussions on the case.

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