Dawn Raid Services

Proactive law enforcement agencies may, at times, catch companies off-guard, mostly so in the form of so-called “dawn raids”. A successful dawn raid for a law enforcement agency would directly imply enhanced regulatory exposure for the corporation. Further, the manner in which dawn raids are conducted and the powers of the law enforcement agencies vary from country to country.

The ROXIN Alliance specialises in advising companies during dawn raids and also in providing preventive advisory. Our members include leading lawyers and law firms that have worked closely with local, national and international law enforcement authorities, enabling us to deliver the required advice.

The ROXIN Alliance makes it a point to keep its clients prepared for all adversities. In the event of such a dawn raid, we will have implemented standard operating procedures. A receptionist’s guideline coupled with employee training sessions ensure that a corporation is optimally prepared should it be targeted. If the searches are unjustified, adequate reactions and professional handling of the situation will avoid delay-related losses, reputation damage and long-lasting proceedings.