Internal Investigations

Commercial organisations the world over are being subjected to increasingly higher standards of governance, self-regulation and scrutiny. The onus of acting upon complaints, internal reports or whistleblower statements lies solely with the company and the manner in which it addresses these instances is of paramount importance.

The ROXIN Alliance specialises in internal investigations and has successfully conducted them for several commercial organisations across all industry sectors. Our vast geographical presence allows us to quickly mobilise joint teams of experts from different countries, to provide our clients one integrated solution which factors in the different pre and post investigation challenges.

The ROXIN Alliance distinguishes itself by providing end-to-end solutions. Once the internal investigation commences, we duly monitor potential risks that might emerge and provide on-going advisory. Our members handle the crisis communication in the event of public disclosure and, owing to their established local presence, are in the best position to present the facts at hand to the investigative or prosecution authorities.

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